View Full Version : Southwest? Texas? You guys are WAAAY back east!

08-25-2007, 12:45
Texas is in the west? Holy Mosses, it's a friggin 4 hour flight headed EAST to get to DFW! You guys are practically East Coast divers! :smilie39:

Anyont here from Southern California? I'm about 90 miles from the most southwestrly point of the Continental US. Now THAT'S Southwest! :smiley20:


08-25-2007, 13:17
Wise guy.....you really meant to say the United States of Texas....didn't ya...


08-25-2007, 14:05
Anyone here from Southern California? You'll find your kind in the West sub-forum.:smilie40:

I was born, bred, and educated (Cal Poly-SLO) in California. I got to Texas as soon as I could.

08-25-2007, 14:14
It'll only be 3 hr flight when you finally fall off with that last earthquake

08-25-2007, 15:45
southwest is halfway between south and west

08-25-2007, 16:29
My father-in-law is from Honey Grove, northeast of Dallas. His family is all around Midland, now. Well, grandma is at Brownfield.

I weren't in California, I would be in Texas.

I just can't resist yanking Texican chain, though! :smiley36: If there is one thing Texans DO have, it's a serious sense of humor! Oh...and the only Navy in the Union other than the federal one...

Y'all take care, now!


08-25-2007, 16:31
people inside texas could debate eachother who was southwest

08-25-2007, 17:10
Well, ...

It isn't us Texans who put us in the Southwest. No true Texan would admit to being a part of anything :) However, attitudinally, we are much closer to Arizona and New Mexico than, well, California.

Besides, California ain't the SouthWest, it's the Left Coast :)


08-25-2007, 22:40
Is there any diving in the Austin area?

Sorry I meant to open a new thread.

08-25-2007, 22:41
Lake travis is pretty popular in Austin

09-04-2007, 16:14
Here in Colorado its really weird to be bundled with California. Especially given that quite a few of the open waters are done at the Blue Hole in Santa Rosa, NM.