View Full Version : Gear in July

06-26-2009, 00:10
Who needs gear? Who's bringing extra gear? This time I have everything I need except a wrist computer... either renting or borrowing one. I don't have much extra maybe a mask but I know some of you are gear junkies!

06-26-2009, 00:21
Let's see: A spare AL80-maybe two,
If you need a wing, I have a spare SS BP w/a rec wing and a spare classic wing.
I may have an extra reg as well.
Extra fins-Large Scuba Pro Jets w/springs,
I do have a spare mask and snorkel in there someplace
A couple of spare lights
Hooded vest (L)
DR pocket
And a good sav-a-dive kit.
plus maybe other goodies.

06-26-2009, 03:01
I'll also have a dive camera if anyone want to buy it works great just need 1 gig sd card

06-27-2009, 18:47
Bringing: Atmos XT, if requested. Otherwise it's staying at the house.
Dive Rite plate and STA, possibly wing too (DR Classic).

Need: Light, regs.

06-27-2009, 20:29
I have a Whites Kodiak dry suit XL that I will be looking to get rid of (just bought a new one) that i can bring. If anyone is interested shoot me an e-mail and we can touch base at Oronogo.