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06-28-2009, 11:52
Once again, the wife and I headed out to the Jenni Bell. As stated previously, we have been putting time in exploring off the wreck. Part of this is to simply see what is out there and part of it's at the request (or urging) from some fellow divers.

The waves were worse than expected on the ride out. However, it was still "do-able".

We were planning on searching a grid E / SSE of the wreck down in the valley. During descent, the wife and I kind of decide who drops first by who hits the anchor line first. On this dive, I dropped first but apparently I was going slow today since the wife passed me by. I believe I saw here give me the #1 signal but she was using the wrong finger. Huh, I'll need to remember that.

Once on the wreck, we did a quick survey and realized that another unsearched grid had much better viz. Therefore we headed up the valley W of the wreck. This takes us into about 80' versus the 140' we were planning.

At about 150' from the wreck, we discovered the fabled "large rock". This is a rock that is about 4' x 4' sitting in the middle of nowhere. There is nothing amazing about this rock except the story behind it. I'll leave that for another day.

Our return track was roughly WNW and we located a metal buoy (about 5' long and 3' in diameter). My assumption is that this a leftover from when they attempted to raise the Jenni Bell back in the 70's. Since this wreck is used by many newer divers, we may airbag this buoy closer to the wreck so that it can be viewed by them.

Once we left the buoy, I relaxed a little and was kind of floating back along when my reel stopped cranking. I looked down at the mess I had made. Apparently, in my relaxed state, I hadn't kept enough tension on the line and now had line everywhere. Not a big deal except that my wife saw it occur. She's still laughing at me today.

Back on the surface, the wind again proved that NOAA has a long way to go in weather prediction. We dropped the anchor line and headed back to shore.

Bottom temp was still 43 deg with the thermal-cline sitting at 5'. That is unusual since the thermal-cline (in my experience) is usually sitting at 20' to 30'. Viz off the wreck (going W) was around 35'. Like the thermal-cline, this is unusual for this time of year. Normally, it would be around 10' or 15'.


06-28-2009, 21:19
You're reports are great Crosseyed! Of course, they are making me envious and jealous as well.

06-28-2009, 22:46
You're reports are great Crosseyed! Of course, they are making me envious and jealous as well.

Thanks. I'm not much of a poet so I wasn't sure if anybody could make it to the end of these things.

I'll keep it over the summer until someone tells me to stop.