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07-02-2009, 17:54
After visiting one of the leading DFW pulminoligist I was given the 'clear' to resume scuba diving!

It's taken about 6 months to recover from the injuries suffered in the Jan. 09' auto accident in Mn., I still have a way to go though.

I feel my biggest task ahead is still to work on my endurance. One day at a time.

I again THANK each of you for your well wishes and prayers.....God and you folks are on my side! ScubaToys Forum folks rock!!

I will again dive doubles and have been ok'd 'over time' to resume my technical diving.

My pulminoligist asked that my first few dives remain at or above 1 ATM and that I progress at a pace that is 'comfy' for me.

Over the holiday weekend I plan on doing a bit of scuba at CSSP......Timeliner my 'wingman' and close friend of several years has agreed to accompany me on the initial dives, though diving 'solo' does in no way bother me......it will be nice having him along.

Happy and save 4th. of July Holiday to each of you and you families!


07-02-2009, 18:02
Great to hear!!!!! I bet you are so happy to be diving again. Many thought and prayers were sent your way for sure. Have a great time this weekend...I'm working but underwater in spirit:smiley20:

07-02-2009, 18:14
Happy to hear that you will be getting back in to the water, god bless you. Just as an FYI I know that there is a class out at CSSP this weekend, was trying to get my buddy to do a refresher dive so he doesn't have to do it during the cruise, and I think he is backing out.... he is a slacker though... god bless you tex, and wishing you a speedy recovery.


07-02-2009, 18:39
Great news! I am ready to "play" again.:13344-2:LOL.

Heavy D
07-02-2009, 18:41
That's great news, and no better weekend than this one to get back in the water.

07-02-2009, 19:26
Wooohoooo Alan! I'm so happy for you! Maybe I'll see you out there this weekend!

07-02-2009, 20:08
Where will you be at CSSP?

There are a LOT of folks who probably would like to say hello.


07-02-2009, 20:45
Great news! So glad to hear that you are feeling better and able to get back into the diving. Hopefully I will see you out at CSSP soon.

07-02-2009, 21:25
Thanks all for the very kind welcome back to my passion in life, diving!

07-02-2009, 22:33
Hi Alan

Good to hear you are on the mend :smiley20:

Dont know if you remember ,we were planning on diving together a few years ago but it never worked out due to a cold. Maybe sometime in the future ?

I do have one question though. How do you dive above 1ATM ??

All the Best !!!!

07-03-2009, 05:40
Oh, I am so glad to hear that you going to get back in! be safe...

07-03-2009, 07:06
.............................. Thanks all!

07-03-2009, 07:20
Hi Alan

I do have one question though. How do you dive above 1ATM ??

All the Best !!!!

LOL---- you know what I mean.....I was SO excited when I wrote that thread!!!!! :)

07-03-2009, 09:31
Great news! Glad to hear things are going well...

You will have to let us know how the first dives back feel.


No Misses
07-03-2009, 11:02
I am glad to hear that you are making progress.

I am bummed that ianr33 beat me to the "< 1 ATM" comment. Oh well.

If you sit on a mountain top, breathing from a reg, in the rain, would that count?

Good luck with your return to diving :-)

07-04-2009, 00:37
I had the pleasure of hanging out with Alan today at CSSP. He looks great! It was good to see him with the fishies again...where he belongs!!!