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Zeagle Eagle
07-20-2009, 12:02
I think we need a new thread for those of us that want to learn how to use our equipment better. Every time I go diving, someone shows me a new way to do something that is better than the way I have been doing it. A thread dedicated to Equipment Usage and Tips would be a place to gather all these tips together in one place. When someone learns of a new and better way to do something (see SMB deployment for example) they could post it. It could also be a thread if someone has a question as to how to use a particular piece of gear.

07-20-2009, 12:32
Why don't you start it up with one of those tips you just learned? If you build it they will come.

07-20-2009, 13:13
Had a new diver show this old dog a better way to don a BC. We dive drysuits and with the valves and all the other crap it has been a pita.

For a Zeagle or other BC with quick snaps at the shoulder straps...With your ready rig on a place you can sit or back into. Open the waist all the way like an open book. Unhook the two shoulder straps, while facing your rig grab the ends of the shoulder straps cross handed. (The strap that will end up over your right shoulder should be in your right hand) Now dip your body and spin your body with the straps over your head and snuggle your back into the BC. Snap all the buckles, hook up the drysuit hose and go.

Hope this is clear as mud. Will post a vid at if it is all too confusing.

Zeagle Eagle
07-20-2009, 19:02
Why don't you start it up with one of those tips you just learned? If you build it they will come.

I would if I knew how to do it. I thought one of the young computer brainiacs could figure it out for me.

07-20-2009, 21:21
Maybe I lack the gift of articulation but it is SO much easier to show than to type and describe. I have had the pleasure to dive with many and mentor a few over the years and there is just so much to pickup and learn.

For instance - shooting a lift bag. It describes easily enough but never the less, each season (wreck diving up north), I make it a point to practice and almost always, the first one looks horrendous. I have learned many tricks and personal preferences over the years but how to describe - not easy.

Take equipment rigging. Photo's only do so much. I learned this when truly learning stage diving with a friend. I had done a few dives with other 'novices' and though all was good. First dive with her, we tweaked the rigging to adjust the bottle position and I got another 250' of penetration on it - simple streamlining. It took an experienced eye underwater to see it. Now, I can feel it and see it in others.