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07-23-2009, 09:36
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Today's tip is useful for sticking to your diet and also your workout program. Again this is a pretty basic tip - but it is really useful:

Today's Tip
Find a training partner!

Simple right? Makes sense right?
Lets talk about the benefits:

You have someone there to help motivate you on those days when you are "not feeling it" and are tempted to skip out on a workout or cheat on your diet! How many mornings have you got up and said "This bed feel SOOOO good, I think I'll skip the gym today!!" We've all done it. Knowing that your partner is heading to the gym to can help motivate you to get your ass in gear and get to work! In my case, when I worked out with partner I knew he would really get on me if I tried to skip out.
You can set goals together. It can be fun to get some like minded friends together and set up a contest or a bet to keep you motivated. In the past me and my friends have done bets for various things like losing the greatest percentage of bodyfat, or gaining the greatest percentage of lean mass.
You can critique each others' programs and diets. It is easier to get an outside perspective sometimes. I know for me personally I have a hard time creating my own diet program - so it helps to have friends that can point out my mistakes and give suggestions.

So there you have it - another simple, but effective tip to get you on your way!

No Misses
07-23-2009, 12:18
Weight loss tip of the day - Eat less, exercise more. This diet works for everybody.