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07-23-2009, 16:26
OK ,so finally get a break from work, and decide to blow some bubbles...! I'm on call until 8am, so approximately 8:05am I'm on the road to Tenkiller. I headed to Crappie point, over on the east side of the lake/dam area... Whoa! The lake is absolutely cram packed with people..! I was a bit peeved about it, but hey, it was a nice weekend, and I can't blame people for getting out... The first thing that I immediately notice is the number of swimmers in the scuba areas... Yeah, I know I wasn't at the scuba park, but there was not a chance another car or truck could have been parked in that area...

So I ended up over at Crappie point... I get geared up and head towards the water... It's unbelievable how many swimmers are in the area! Anyways, for the report: Visibility -0 at 0-20 foot. The water was stirred up something terrible. At 20-30, a small break, but far from good.. at 30-50, it started clearing up pretty good. At 50-90, the water was beautiful, and my computer was registering about 63 degrees (although my temp read-out has always been somewhat suspect).. I got several dives in throughout the day, but just seemed really cramped by all the activity on the lake.. I'll be back, but probably not until after Labor Day.

Everyone get out and get to diving! Summer is almost over!

fire diver
07-23-2009, 21:40
Thanks for the review. I don't think TK has cleared up all season. I was there in May and had zero vis up top. Went back in June, and still zero vis up top, clearing up a little at the thermal about 40. Been getting reports of same conditions ever since.

I can't figure out whats up with the lake this year. This blows. At least Beaver and Tablerock aren't far away.

08-09-2009, 20:01
got back from TenKiller today.

viz still pretty bad. only cleared up around 50 ft to about 10-12 ft viz.

dove the west side of the small island across from the scuba park.

anybody finding anything better on Tenkiller?

IMO drive a little more and go to Beaver or Tablerock.