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07-24-2009, 01:28
Hello again everyone.
My girlfriend and I are going to Tenkiller again this weekend, going to camp out so I can dive and WE can float the river. I want to do a deep dive this weekend. I got a new dive light and was thinking about descending down the wall thats out past the plane and bus at the park. I have been told that it descends to 110ft. I would like to descend to triple digits, but would prefer not to go solo to that depth. I am going to the lake Friday night and will camp out, I will be at the park at about 9am'ish. I am hard to miss, I dive in black shorts with a gray rash guard shirt, plus I am 5'10 270 lbs,brown hair and a goatee. So if you see me and are interested in going deep let me know. I only plan on doing that deep dive and then going to float with the girlfriend, figured good to get a few hour surface interval, but will be there sat late afternoon, and then I will be diving Sunday also. All the rest will be average depths. Might do a night dive Sat night too, whatever I can get to. So if you are camping or just there for one of the days, then let me know and we can buddy or group up. I don't know a lot of divers or groups. So feel free to walk up and say hi. Generally I am one of the only divers not wearing a wetsuit.

Anyone know how much Gene charges for fills? If rented from him.


fire diver
07-24-2009, 05:56
I don't use Gene's shop, so I can't give you quote. Actually, I don't get fills at Tim's either, I always bring my own.

Anyway, I hope you are planning more than just a rash guard to go diving in. TK gets down to about 50 at depth. The channel that runs below the dive park actually gets to about 135 at normal lake levels.

Plan on absolute zero vis for the first 20-30 feet, then crap vis until maybe 50. Then it SHOULD open up. Can't tell what it's going to be like, wierd year for the lake.

07-24-2009, 07:35
When I was there a week or so ago it was 3-5 ft from surface to 30 ft then opens to 8-12 below 30ft. Temp was 84 above and 70 below. I would like to use a wetsuit, just don't own one yet. I have a good amount of insulation. lol
Are you going to be diving there this weekend?

07-27-2009, 10:38
Chris - you nut job - how was tenkiller? What was vis and temp like at depths? Which sites did you visit?

BTW - these guys are right - you are insane for diving cold water with just a rash guard and your fruit of the loom's.

- happy diving,


07-28-2009, 19:10
Well Ray,

True I am nuts, but I rented a 5mm for the deep dive. I dove the park a couple times. My deep dive was along the descending wall past the bus and plane to about 90 feet then it goes out like 20 yards and drops down again to about 115. I decended to 109 according to my depth gauge. Vis was about 12 feet past 70 feet. From surface to about 35 feet was about 3-5 ft vis. 35 to 70 about 8-10 and I got a clear patch from 70 -109 that was about 12 -15 ft. Temp was awesome, it was about 82 on the surface and 70 at depth, these are guesses since i didn't have a temp gauge. I also dove at Cherokee Landing and the vis was horrible due to it being the Illinios river inlet. It was less than 2 feet.

I also did a solo night dive at the park to about 60 feet on the wall then back up to the bus and then picked up trash around the dive sites.

07-28-2009, 23:42
Not wanting this to sound like a flame Chrishawk, but do you think a solo dive at night was a wise course of action for a newer diver? You list 0-24 posts.

07-29-2009, 18:55
I understand Navy, not the best, but wanted to do it and no one was there. I am limited on dive partners since I don't have any certified friends. I was only at 60 ft for a few minutes, then I was up at 35 or less, so I was not concerned. Plus the 109 ft dive I was solo, that had me more worried.