View Full Version : Canon EOS Rebel XS Digital SLR Camera with EF-S

07-27-2009, 20:41
Do they make a waterproof case for the Canon EOS Rebel XS Digital SLR Camera with EF-S
I need one down to depth good for diving

07-27-2009, 21:28
I have seen a few and they are not cheap. I think they run around 1500.00. You might try Ikelite

08-03-2009, 20:10
I was wondering this my self. But 1500 for a case for a 600 dollar camera dam.

08-04-2009, 06:41
welcome to the world of the dslr...

08-04-2009, 11:31
I was wondering this my self. But 1500 for a case for a 600 dollar camera dam.

Better to flood a $600.00 camera than a $3,000.00 camera :) Or you could look at it the other way, better to spend $1500.00 on a good housing, so you don't have to buy another $600.00 camera.

Here's a link to the ikelite page for the XS. Underwater Housing for Canon 1000-D Digital Rebel XS (http://ikelite.com/web_two/can_1000d.html) . Dont forget that you're still going to need at least 1 port and a strobe/sync cord. You won't be able to use the popup flash on the camera and it wouldn't be very effective if you could.

08-04-2009, 14:05
I own that camera and chose to not outfit it with an underwater housing, but instead bought an underwater camera with housing.

I love my XS for land photography, but I don't know how comfortable I would be using it underwater. The LCD screen is not the brightest and bestest in my opinion (compared to the Nikon, wow.) I believe you need to get an eyepiece adapter so you can shoot without putting the camera to your mask. Plus the Ikelite housings are soooooo heavy. Add strobe and other gear - wow. Weigh as much as me. :smiley2:

For $1500 you can buy a really nice SeaLife or Sea & Sea camera with housing and strobe in many cases. The newer Sea & Sea cameras are fully manual if you are a shutterbug who likes to do manual custom shots everytime.

This is just my advice. Don't mean to steer you from your original posting topic, but if you haven't researched other camera options, before tossing down that $1500 plus $100s in accessories, you may want to scan the Internet for a bit.

I shoot with a SeaLife DC800 with strobe. Retail price was around $799, you may be able to negotiate with your retailer. There is a new 1000 and the Sea & Sea has two new models that are the cats meow. These were a little more out of my desired price range.

The other thing about these two uw camera brands - they are pretty lightweight overall. My DC800 is positively buoyant, it will float to the surface if I accidentally let it go (better up than down, in my opinion). Also, my DC800 was designed for uw conditions, so it has a lot of preset white balances to compensate for the various diving conditions. I can enjoy my dive, take my photos to share my memories, get an outstanding one every now and again, and not deal with the bells and whistles of my Canon.

Devil Diver on this site is a pretty well versed camera guru and has lots of postings and photos of various cameras.

There are also lots of point and shoot cameras that are made for uw conditions such as the Canon G10 (is really popular) and Nikon has a similar product for UW.

Good luck. Post some pics!


PSS: Ikelite is THE brand for land camera housings btw.

10-28-2009, 16:35
I have this camera too and decided that I just dont want to take the chance of losing it due to faulty equipment or the like. For the price, my opinion, you are better off just buying a dedicated underwater camera.

10-28-2009, 18:18
I just bought a $400 nikon that has a housing and id has severed my very well, I have the 450 canon and chose not to buy the housing for it. The other camera does fine and was a lot cheaper.

10-28-2009, 18:32
I had thought about using a dslr with an uw housing in the future, but after considering the cost, and the fact that I don't really want to have to deal with all the extra stuff that comes with it, I'm gonna go with a P&S instead. It's cheaper, simpler, and allows me to focus more on the experience of diving than fiddling with the camera/accessories. I will be looking into the G11. It has exposure compensation and ISO dials on the camera making adjusting those settings very easy. The only thing I don't like about it is the small shutter button and small zoom slider. Right now, there's only one housing available for it from Canon. I'm hoping that later on, when I'm ready to buy, there will be other options.

A G11 + future ikelite UW housing + strobes and/or wet lenses (if I find them neccessary) is still gonna cost around $2000. But a dSLR + housing + strobes and wet lenses can cost well over $4000.