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07-31-2009, 19:39

$90USD return from Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City on Vietnam Airlines. Arrive late evening at Nha Trang airport, be sure to save your baggage tag as the luggage staff/guards won't budge. Grab the first metered taxi and go to hotel - 35 minutes and about $20USD. If you book a shuttle in advance w/ your hotel, probably $12 each way (as I found out upon arrival).

On major beach street w/ plenty of hotels. Stayed at 4 star Novotel for $45/night for beach view, balcony, very modern amenities, free high speed, cable, ice cold a/c. Great sauna/steam room included, nice gym and $10 back massage w/ a great cup of ginseng tea. Lots of bars and restaurants w/in walking distance. Overabundance of Western tourists. Some uncomfortable looking backpacker's exist but why bother at this price....

Dive Site
20 min drive to boat dock, interesting cable car runs from mainland to an island over the sea. 40 min boat ride, probably around 15knots.

Water 78-81degrees F (depending on thermocline). 86F ambient, sunny, calm, no waves. Vis around 10 to 30ft. 67ft max depth. recent rain. 3mm full wetsuit ok on first dive, cold on second dive even w/ hood. No noticeable current. 20 other divers on board, good staff to divers ratio but very full. Moored w/ 2 other dive company boats. Saw few other dive boats approaching 75 yds away. Upon end of dive, saw more dive boats coming...notice even more additional dive boats approaching on the horizon.....

Flora Fauna
Eels, 2 albino frog fish, 2 scorpion fish, 1 very nice leafy pipefish, big nudibranch, interesting sponge, corals. Had higher expectations than Hoi An but every dive is a good dive.

Dive Operator
Rainbow Divers 5 min walking distance behind hotel. 10% off food, drinks, booze w/ dive. $75 2 dive inclusive of gear (minus computer), snacks, boat/hotel transfer, guide. Mostly decent staff, couple of culturally insensitive and immature ex-pat staff, for this reason alone, I will NEVER dive this company in Nha Trang, however outstanding cheap restaurants in this little beach town.

Evan the Blue
11-28-2009, 15:14
When I dove there I could hear and feel the fishermen dynamite fishing ... Not very cool
That will be my last trip there

11-28-2009, 15:42
Very nice trip report. Sounds like a fun dive, may have to add to my dive list. Thanks.

11-29-2009, 00:29
When I dove there I could hear and feel the fishermen dynamite fishing ... Not very cool
That will be my last trip there

Completely agree. I live in the region and wouldn't go to any effort or expense at all to go to VN for scuba diving. Indonesia is "right there" and soooo much more enjoyable for a dedicated dive trip!

Now, if you're in VN anyway, for a topside visit (well worth the time, effort and expense), and you're feeling sorta "dry", well then, may as well do a dive. Better than nothing!