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08-27-2007, 03:32
I was wondering about the cost and turn around time for a battery replacement for a Mares Nemo computer. Little help please? Little help?

09-18-2007, 09:22
Just had mine replaced last month...cost for installation, battery and hydro/pressure test (took about 2 hrs) was $50.00 total...worth it to know it is in great working order. By the way ..this is a Canadian price..only one dealer in the area is authorized by Mares to replace this battery. If you try to change it yourself..you null/void your warranty.

09-18-2007, 09:29
I think that mine was about $30.00 US to have it change at Mares... Like was already mentioned you can do it yourself but they pressure check them at an authorized maint shop so your warranty stays good. The money is worth it to make sure that it does not flood and if it does it is on them and not me...


09-18-2007, 12:48
As someone who has flooded a 'user replaceable' battery computer (Oceanic Veo 250) which cost $20 for the manufacturer's approved battery and o-ring for the priviledge of assuming all risk myself, and having no way to pressure test it aside from diving, I can definitely say I'd gladly pay twice as much not to have to replace the computer every 3 years. :) Just picked up a Mares Sport to replace the now useless hockey puck....

My remaining Veo 250 (Flooded unit was my wife's...mine's got a year left on its battery since they were bought at different times) will go to the dive shop for replacement next time, and if they charge me on par with the manufacturer replacement type values yet it works, I'll still consider it money well spent.

09-19-2007, 07:03
Out of curiousity, when yours flooded, were you able to tell why? Was the o-ring torn or damaged or was there a hair or other trash between it and the sealing surfaces?