View Full Version : old car in Tenkiller by the dam?

08-09-2009, 13:49
So - I was diving Tenkiller this weekend. We did a dive Saturday afternoon. We were at the Levee/Dam area (not the part of the dam where the gates are, but the stone levee)....so all the way south on the Lake about 50-100 meters from the stone levee...on the Eastern shore. there is a cliff rock face on the surface, about 20ft from the rock face we descended to about 40ft. The vis opened to about 6ft or so (with lights). We headed north intending to dive the wall/ledge area (there is a bottom at 40ft, then if you back off the wall a bit, there is another drop - so it's really more of a ledge.) Anyways - we ran into a vehicle out there. It's clearly been there a while. It was white - an older car, I would guess late 60's, early 70's model (based on body style, size, fins on the back of the car). It does not appear to have been sunk specifically for divers (it wasn't cleaned up first, engine still in there, even car battery still in there, though very broken down). Interior of the car was present but pretty well disintigrated (don't think it was removed before sinking).

Anyone seen this thing before? The only other stuff around was TONS OF LITTER, beer and soda cans from the 80's. A few trash barrels that appear to have been thrown from the cliff above, some signs that someone threw in that warn of diving from the cliffs above (I assume that's where they warn of diving from).

At any rate - the cliffs above appear to be a private area or at least off limits (no trespassing signs) - and it didn't seem likely that the car made it down there from the road on top of the dam/levee. Anyone have any ideas?

trip report for conditions: in this area - 40ft depth gave about 6-8ft vis, 71 degrees at depth (above 80 at surface)

around one of the island a bit farther back from the damn (the one with the great cliff face that faces south...we dove to 85ft...under 50ft the vis opens to about 10ft, bring a light...temp was low 70's at 40ft, and 63-65 at 85 ft, depending on whose computer you checked. We didn't go to scubapark or crappie point - we were diving from a pontoon boat (which I now believe is the best way to lake dive).


08-09-2009, 14:07
Even back in the 80's, there were rumors of a car in the water, I heard the rumors, but never dove TK to try to find it. There was also a rumor up in the Wichita shops then that there ws a motorcycle by the scuba park that if you found it, you could move it and then post the new location at a dive shop down there. Unfortunately, I never got down there to look.

fire diver
08-09-2009, 17:50
The car is new to me. I dive / boat at TK quite a bit, but I'm having trouble visualizing where you said the car was.

08-09-2009, 18:08
approximately here 35.596618, -95.034721 - I didn't have GPS - but this was from google maps - here:

35.596618, -95.034721 - Google Maps (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=35.596618,+-95.034721&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=40.137381,92.724609&ie=UTF8&t=h&z=16&iwloc=near)

that's as close as I can call it

fire diver
08-09-2009, 18:48
Oh, OK. I got it now. I've dove that area before, but I never jumped across to the other side of the draw. I always followed the contour.

I will have to try that spot on my next lake trip.

08-09-2009, 19:02
just surface swim to within about 10-20ft of the wall face, 'in the corner of the lake' 20 feet away from the damn - go down to ~40ft (sorry, not exactly sure - deepest part of dive was 50ft, so it wasn't deeper than that) and work your way along the bottom/side of the wall North by Northwest (with the wall on your right basically)...if you start seeing trash drums, signs, and lots of soda/beer cans, you are close. The car is white - so it shows up good against a flash light. After the car we continued north until the wall turned into the cove, and eventually our rock formations turned into a mud bottom with the consistency of pudding...that's when we ended our dive and paddled back out the boat. Incidentally the whole area is walled off by orange bouys and bouys saying no boats...so you have to paddle your butt a little ways. No big deal, just something to be aware of.