View Full Version : Intova IC10 Package - Thoughts?

08-16-2009, 00:08
After digging around for a budget rig that can take decent (not professional just good) pics, I found this deal:

Intova ic10
iss2000 Strobe
Fiber Optic
Wide Angel Lens
Red Filter
Intova Soft Case
4gb SD Card

$450 new in box. $450 doesn't seem to stretch very far in UW photography. I can find older SeaLife in that price range with comparable kit, but seems the older units from these companies weren't particularly good. Can't find any real reviews on the rig though... seems a bit new. The ic6 gets OK reviews but gets dinged hard for being slow. I was told the ic10 was much faster, but cannot find any shutter speed numbers.

Any help that someone can provide either with experience with Intova cameras or any other thoughts would be welcome.

08-18-2009, 01:10
The IC 10 is one of our newest models. It has the same specs as IC 800, just a larger sensor. Check IC 800 comments and see what you think. These models are far more full featured than the IC 600.