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08-20-2009, 13:58
do you think its a good idea to get certified in september or in april when you can dive? i'm trying to deside.

08-20-2009, 14:43
Hi doimber - I would only give a couple of considerations to what time of year to get certified...

1) is the water that you are going to get certified in warm enough for you to be comfortable during your "check out dives" (the open water portion of your certification).

2) If I was planning on going on a dive trip after getting certified, I would plan my certification no more than a month or 2 before my trip.

The last one is because I've known folks who got certified, then didn't go on a dive trip for a year. In the time in between they did no diving and pretty much forgot most of the practical skills from class. This really isn't a concern if you are planning on doing all your diving locally, but if you are not going to be diving locally and only on trips - don't get certified 9 months before your trip...do it a month before your trip - and then the extra practice you get on your trip will simply reinforce the skills and habits you learned in class.

Happy diving :)

Scuba Pete
08-20-2009, 14:51
It depends on where you live at or if you have a trip planned. Also most people have to wait until al least may to get in the water. My OW was in the middle of may with surface temp of 54*. September surface temps are in the 70's. September has typically the warmest water temps. I have been on trips that the water was in the 70's and the air in the 50's.

On a side note. I am looking forward to the smell of fall.

08-20-2009, 14:53
thanks for the info.

me major noob

08-20-2009, 15:53
From another thread, you imply you are in the DFW metroplex. True? If so, I was certified by ST in Jan 07 at CSSP. Water temp was a delightful 46 and air temp was 35. Even in April, water is on the chilly side. It was most unpleasant.

I suggest September if you're anxious. Otherwise, look at May.