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08-21-2009, 08:35
every one i know that doesn't scuba dive always asks me " why do you want to scuba dive? whats the thrill? its so dangerous and your so young to die!" it's so annoying that barely anyone can let you do what you want to do even if its you choice, they still question your sanity. do you have that problem?

08-21-2009, 08:40
Its like that with anything, not just scuba diving, lack of education and information scares people.

08-21-2009, 08:42
why is a 37 year old in the junior divers?

Scuba Pete
08-21-2009, 08:47
You dont have to be a junior diver to post in junior divers section. I think everyone gets asked that question from time to time. I have found in life that the more weird and crazy you think a person is, the more fun you can have with them. (Not at their expense, with them as in they are your friend)

08-21-2009, 09:11
Most people I know find it fascinating. However, my oldest brother is actually fairly upset with me to the point I don't bring it up when he is around. At first, I thought he was joking with all the crude comments about diving, but he is actually very serious and gives me the "lecture" everytime it is brought up. Basically, he doesn't understand why I'm putting myself in such harms way. I've tried to educate him and let him know that there are risks, but those risks are reduced with education, training, and the right gear. I'll never convice him and it is just something we don't talk about.


08-21-2009, 09:23
i'm glad some one agrees with me. it seemed like i couldn't talk about scuba without my mom or some other person telling me to stop talking or saying that scuba is to dangerous and if you must do it don't talk to us about it.

super noob

08-21-2009, 09:38
Most people I talk to it about think it is very fascinating and they do always ask if it is dangerous and I tell them no more dangerous than driving a car down the road. Then they tell me why they couldn't do it and most of the reasons are lack of knowledge or fear of what might get them underwater, not fear of being underwater themselves

08-21-2009, 09:42
other people say that they are too claustrophobic. which really isn't true. even if i'm not certified, i have been scuba diving alot with other people.

super noob

08-21-2009, 12:11
other people say that they are too claustrophobic. which really isn't true. even if i'm not certified, i have been scuba diving alot with other people.

super noob

I work with a bunch of young, fit guys who think I'm wild and adventurous because I scuba dive. They won't even consider giving it a try. They are sure they are going to die.

Being claustrophobic is a valid reason for not scuba diving. Most people who suffer from claustrophobia cannot scuba dive. When I was getting certified someone was giving the Discover Scuba Diving a try. She put the equipment on standing in 4 feet of water (pool) she slowly put her face in the water. Before her head was totally submersed she stood straight up, ripped the mask from her face and screamed, "I can't do it!"

Turns out she was claustrophobic. She didn't know scuba would trigger her claustrophobia but it does. My instructor is a VERY patient guy. He tried to help her get over it a few times. She could get under after two days but decided it just wasn't for her.

Scuba Pete
08-21-2009, 13:36
I think the mask has something to do with it. The only time i ever get claustophoic is when i am in the presence of way too many people in one area. I have been caving, the non underwater kind, and was able to get myself into such tight places i could barely move.

I think most peoples perception of Scuba Diving comes from movies and stories they hear of people getting hurt and the automatically associate that with every diver every dive. In actuallity scuba diving is really pretty safe. Most of the accidents that I have heard about are health realated and not in fact realated to scuba.

08-21-2009, 13:46
What cracks me up are the people who say scuba diving is too dangerous, but then they get in a car and drive to work... or go offroading. And don't get me started on motorcycles.

There are lots of activities that people do every day that have a FAR worse safety record than scuba diving, but somehow people are really freaked out by the idea so they don't consider the realities.

08-21-2009, 18:48
i guess its that your under water, which is where the people that say its dangerous are not comfortable. and second i have heard many people say that your breathing through a tube and that is not easy. accept that it's highly pressurized and if you have a good reg. then you can breathe easly

08-21-2009, 21:01
I haven't had anyone say it was dangerous yet. It isn't any more dangerous than my brother going rock climbing or the guy weaving in and out of DC rush hour traffic.

08-21-2009, 23:48
People smoke drive cars, fly planes, swim across lakes and oceans. People sky dive, and guess what people die doing everything else. You can die in your living room watching tv as a bullet flies through your window and kills you. You can walk outside your door and get bite by a snake and die. Where all going to die one day why not die doing something you love to do. A smoker has aheck of alot bigger chance of dieing then a diver does.

08-22-2009, 07:29
I think that these comments result froma combination of things, among them:
you're breathing underwater,
all the "complicated" equipment,
the "spaceman" look when in full gear and wetsuit,
in other words, the unknown.

08-22-2009, 08:40
It's interesting that I am fairly claustraphobic, but have never had that feeling when diving.

08-22-2009, 08:50
it seemed like i couldn't talk about scuba without my mom or some other person telling me to stop talking or saying that scuba is to dangerous and if you must do it don't talk to us about it.I'm sorry you're not getting support from your family. I would have hoped they'd encourage you and ask questions to stimulate your enthusiasm and learning.

why is a 37 year old in the junior divers?An odd question. Why'd you ask?

08-22-2009, 17:40
It can be dangerous, but like others have said with education you can greatly reduce those risks. When I bring up diving around friends most of them just think it's stupid to dive in lake and there's nothing to see down there. My parents are pretty supportive but they don't like the idea of cave diving. I'll try it one of these days, but I still need some more dives under me.

08-23-2009, 08:49
It can be dangerous, ...to your wallet and credit cards:smiley36:

08-23-2009, 16:39
It can be dangerous, ...to your wallet and credit cards:smiley36:

HAHA exactly!!! :smilie39:

my parents and my wife are supportive (hell my pop is the one who gave me lessons for a bday a few years ago) he has been diving since the early 80's before a lot of the "newer" safety standards.

My mom is a bit freaked out about it at times, but overall very supportive. Again though they have asked a LOT of questions, and my wife actually read through the OW book to get an idea of what I would be doing underwater.

She tried a DC (discover Scuba) at a local shop, and was unable to deal with the claustrophobia. she said it was the mask with the reg that made her feel like she was not able to breath, like she was "stuck behind the gear"

08-23-2009, 16:53
most people i know thinks its awesome till you start talking about tech diving beyond the range of natural light then people think you are crazy

08-23-2009, 21:52
plenty of people have told me they felt scared when first trying on a scuba set. probably has to do with individual comfort with being submerged in large bodies of water...

09-03-2009, 12:36
My wife was like that at first, and now she sees the pictures I take and wants to start diving herself.

09-09-2009, 08:03
I have found in many areas of my life I have had people telling me 'for my own good' about what tragedies will occur because of what I am doing. when I got engaged i was told that I would soon be divorced (Ive been married 31 years...happily) when I got pregnant I was told that I would miscarry ( I have 2 healthy adult children) when I moved to Pa I was told that I would hate it there and would move back home ( Ive been here for 25 years) I think people are expressing their own fears and expect you to be fearful too. I also think that they care about you and want you to be careful. so If you reassure them that you are being careful and are training with good people it might calm their fears. be sure to not do something stupid that will cause them to say, " I told you so"

09-14-2009, 12:54
Like someone else posted, it's the fear of the unknown...or, at least, the fear of something they've chosen not to pursue. I get the same thing from people about riding my Harley cross-country. A lot of the media treats it like a dangerous activity, so they follow suit. It is a strange phenom indeed. There's a lady here at work that reacted a bit negatively when she overheard one of my diving conversations in the break room a few days ago. She reacted negatively mostly because my conversation centered around how well my newly certified son is doing in the sport...she thinks 13 is "much too young for such a dangerous sport". But, then she gets in her car, and runs the guantlet home...an activity that, without checking the numbers, I think gets more people killed on a daily basis than most anything else. I've heard of people dying while scuba diving, but I've never actually known anyone that died from diving. However, I've lost family members and close friends to car wrecks, as have quite a few people I know. It follows to reason, that you would thus think driving a car would be the thing that makes people's skin crawl with fear and anxiety. Go figure.

09-14-2009, 20:14
I think a lot of the "You shouldn't do "X" because it's dangerous!" comes from the speakers own personal fear, misconceptions and in a lot of cases, sheer ignorance about "X". In this case Scuba. I can say I know a lot of folks cancelled tropical vacations and some even dive courses after Jaws came out because a big, bad shark is going to eat them. I dove before and after Jaws came out-thought the movie was funny and hokey!

But still a lot of folks in their mind with undue prejudice will try to convince you "X" is bad because of their own fear. Empathy is a powerful force!

I will admit though I have seen folks that say "I would never do that" Change their minds when they are presented with the facts and figures and good information about diving-photo's help too. And a lot of great photo's have been posted here. (shameless ST plug)

11-27-2009, 21:58
Many people have well defined mental boundries that create their personal 'safe zone', as divers we often fall outside this which triggers these daft comments from non-divers. In essence, they are simply projecting their amazement in what we love to do without displaying their own personal fear of exploring their mental boundaries.

I have dived for more than 30 yrs, my wife dives, my 14yr old daughter dives, and I taught for many years. This offered an insight into peoples fears as they started to expand their mental boundaries and don scuba gear for the first time in a pool. Some took a lot of work, others never got it, but at least understood.

I always remember how I used to de-mistify the fear of sharks on the first boat dive, I dropped down to check the anchor..or so they thought,:smiley2: then arrived back at the base of the ladder, "no it's OK..no sharks..." then lean back exposing 2 Port jackson sharks under my armpits, total wide eyed amazement,:smiley29: but fear was gone.

We challenge peoples fear boundaries big time and it is excerbated when the news media publishes something about a dive accident. So often what is not said is that 90+% of dive accidents are diver stupidity, exceeding their training, not obeying the rules etc, untrained cave diving is a classic for this due to the ease of access to these incredibly dangerous environments, but the public never see this. Road accident they can see and make their own judgement, diving is out of site to them.

I love working with these un-educated comments, it's fun turning them and exploring the commenters personal boundaries, the usual result is they have a hard time trying anything new, let alone what we love.:smiley31:

11-29-2009, 00:30
i am friends with people that scuba dive so i am enoucraged to. i just need to get certified which my parents dont have enough money to pay for so that stinks

11-29-2009, 00:45
Talk to your diving friends, and the shops, they might be able to work with you on the price. Also, and I do not mean this in a flaming manner, think about a part time job. Most of my first set of gear and my OW and some specialties, I worked my butt off doing odd jobs, farm labor, minimum wages jogs, etc. I wanted it that bad.

You might be able to borrow enough gear from your friends to offset some of the cost as well.

Evan the Blue
11-29-2009, 09:37
My pops always tells me "be careful" as he had the claustrophobic response to his OW training and never did it again. I did my OW with my mom 16 years ago and she loves to dive but will only dive with me as her buddy. :smiley9:
Just before I leave on a dive with my mom, my pops pulls me aside (every time) and says " you keep her safe now you hear". He loves her so much after forty years together ... it so sweet =)
As for the comments that its dangerous, as has been said before, its just lack of knowledge and fear. And they just want you to be safe and live a long life.... they don't know any better.
Live life to its fullest, push your boundaries, life is too short to hide and wouldn't you be pissed if your on your deathbed and think "I wish I had done that"
Life is about experiences, friends and family ... not possessions and status in someones eyes.