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08-26-2009, 08:06
So I just got my camera in the mail and am learning how to use it.
I got the sealife strobe.
I am still waiting (backorder) the canon case.

From those who have used this camera (or just know whats up) what are the settings I should have as default for this camera for underwater photography?

Also what are the settings for the strobe (the preflash ignore number and the brightness...per sealife i set this to setting 4 until I fine tune it).


08-26-2009, 10:59
IMO- To start out underwater I say you should leave the camera on Auto and set the white balance to Cloudy or Underwater, whichever you feel does the best job. With the camera on auto (camera decides F Stops and Shutter Speeds for exposure) giving you time to practice actually composing photographs. If you do not know anything about composition it is covered most U/W photography books (Jim Church-Guide to Composition) and will give you the basics on how to frame and take a pleasing photo. Also this will give you the chance to work on your buoyancy skills, taking photos and using the camera and not worrying about always changing settings.

When you feel confident in the basics of the camera and the controls and want to get more control over the photos start practicing with Aperture Priority and Shutter Priority above water and get the feel for how this effects the creative side of your photos. After the A & S modes start making sence it is not that hard to transfer to full Manual control. Remember practice above water all you can and any local dives you can do with your set up will make things easier when you get to take your camera on a trip.

As far as the strobe, I feel it is important to get the feel of how the camera acts without flash capturing natural light and then start working with flash photography. Even underwater a strobe/flash is not always the best choice depending on the shot. With the settings, the strobe should come with instructions on how to pair it with the camera as far as pre-flash. Easiest way could be taking a test shot into a mirror and changing the setting until you get them to sync. You will have to work with it underwater to get the feel of the power level and positions needed for particular shots.

Keep us posted on your thoughts and experiences and we will turn you into a U/W photographer.

08-26-2009, 12:53
Rather than Auto, use the dedicated Underwater Mode, which is better than Auto.