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08-28-2007, 08:27

08-28-2007, 15:12
I need some more info to make a decision. Do you have any other articles??

08-28-2007, 15:19
I dont understand how this vessel would be any more likely to kill whales than anything else in the water...?


I found this video...


It's interesting. A very effective propoganda peice. Im looking for another side of the story now.

This ferry is a big pontoon boat... With a small footprint in the water. Not to mention itll be a loud ship that will alert its coming.

Going with these protesters train of thought...
I think we should stop drivng cars untill we can figure out how to not kill squrills...

08-28-2007, 16:09
This is a nightmare here. Oahu wants the ferry and none of the other islands do. Sierra club got a restraining order for Maui wanting an environmental impact, meanwhile the cruise liners pull in and out of port. Also the Navy runs the military version of the ferry (yes it is here in Hawaii too) all over the place with no impact. Kaui just straight doesn't want the ferry. Maui is mixed but mostly they do not want it.
Ferry is a high speed 30 plus knot ship that is propless, there are no props. It is water jet propulsion. It is also shallow draft.
Me personnally I would like ot have it, I can take my car and dive gear and dive the other islands. But then again I am on Oahu.