View Full Version : Twin Lakes - Pearland, TX Dive Report

09-13-2009, 14:39
Well, it won't be much of a report, but just a quick run down.

It's been 2 years since I've been there even though it's about 18 minutes from my house. I was certified there and vis was usually 10-12 feet back then and maybe 7-10 after it was mucked up. Water level is WAY down with the bus almost all the way out of the water. I couldn't even find the airstream trailer this go round and the buoy for it isn't there anymore. One of the platforms is dropped on one side and at a severe angle to the bottom.

Vis was about 3 feet, MAYBE 4, it was pretty awful. We were the only ones there and it was 15 bucks a person to get in. Pretty standard price I know, but that was a crazy amount to pay for what we got. There was nothing to see and 3-4 foot vis with no where to go isn't going to get me to stay in the water very long.