View Full Version : Strobe for Olympus Tough 8000

09-14-2009, 08:36
I recently purchases a Olympus 8000 with a Ikelite housing. I am researching strobe packages and am looking for inputs.

I am considering the Fantasea CoolFlash Nano package with focus light which retails for about $250.

I am also looking at the Ikelite AF-35, which is considerably more at about $400.

Any comments on these items or other entry level lighting options would be greatly appreciated.

Herb DuBois

09-14-2009, 10:36
I would go with the Nano because of the fiber optic option. The AF-35 is fired by a slave sensor (with no direct conection) that I feel would have the potential of misfire or not firing at all. I am not going to say either are the best on the market but for a simple cost effective solution they both should work well, within thier limits.

The only questions I would have on the Nano would be the recycle time and how many flashes you would get from 2 AA batteries.

Considering the camera I would guess that this set up would give you the best value.