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09-17-2009, 00:03
Just got the Sartek Ebl2200LI and the UK Sl4 eled. They're both pretty nice as a backup or small primary for good visibility. I would say they're about equally bright, the Sartek is maybe slightly brighter and whiter but a little bit narrower halo. But they're very similar in terms of light output. I guess the big difference is size. The Ebl2200li is tiny. Fits in the palm of my hand and easily in the oxycheq light sock. It's about 4 inches long and 1 inch diameter. The UK Sl4 eled uses 4 C cells in two rows so it's about 5 times as large. The Sartek would be pretty hard to turn on with one hand operation as it's a tight twist on. Overall, I'd say they're both pretty nice but each has their advantages. The Sartek main advantage seems to be size and ruggedness while the UK is about a third of the price and is also decently bright for a light that can fit in a BC.