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09-23-2009, 08:23
Heading out to Bahamas in February and just got certified in Nitrox. Want to buy my first computer. What is the overall consensus on the forum here and some of the pros / cons? Thanks for any help you may provide.

09-23-2009, 08:30
Am I correct in assuming that our 10% discount cannot be used on either of these computers? I also have a $10 GC. Just wanting to figure out costs.

09-23-2009, 14:09
IMO, the biggest difference between them is that the Mares uses an extremely conservative algorithm, while the Oceanic is the most liberal. I would choose based on that issue. If the algorithm is unimportant to you (or even if it is, from my point of view) then you should consider getting the GEO because you can always choose to be more conservative than the computer, but a conservative computer will give you major grief if you don't adhere to its limits.

My personal opinion on algorithms causes me to use Pelagic computers (Oceanic/Aeris), but your feelings may be different.

I think the GEO is nice. One suggestion: Unless you are sure you would never go that route, or you just can't or won't pay the price, at least consider getting an AI computer, in case you ever wanted to add a transmitter. Sometimes they aren't that much more money if you aren't also buying a transmitter.

ST has a used Atom 2.0 for sale at the moment and if you asked, they might be willing to sell the computer without the transmitter. I don't know, but it's a thought.

Good luck with your decision.

09-23-2009, 14:34
Thanks for the advice Draq. Good point about the algorithm. Didn't really think of it in that way. As for the AI units, definitely more than I want to spend on a computer. Living in IL, I don't dive a whole lot over the course of a year, but do occasionally go to the quarry or take a trip. Want something to make logging my dives and keeping track of 02 exposure more easily. Once again, thanks for the info.

09-23-2009, 20:22
I have a Geo that I have used on almost 30 dives now... and I love it!
Very easy to understand the buttons and how to access/change settings, easy to read under water, and the backlight is very nice when needed.

I didn't know just how much difference there was between Mares and Oceanic's algorithms until last weekend. After doing 2 dives 90 minutes apart I was looking through my computer and is showed something like 4 hours until I was theoretically "desaturated" - my father in-law's Mares M2 showed over 8 hours for him!
I wated to check out "dive planning mode" to compare differences, but I couldn't figure out how to work his dang computer. :p

09-23-2009, 23:06
I have an Aeris Epic, my buddy dives a Mares. Yes the algorithms are different, but not as much as one may think. We did a deep dive on our trip (120'), and stayed at that depth for a bit (on air). He signaled me when his computer indicated he had 2 minutes remaining at depth, mine had 4 minutes remaining at that depth. So a difference, but not huge. No worries, we just started our ascent which was nothing close to ending the dive, we just went up the ridge a bit higher! Love those multi-profile dives with natural features!

Anyway, I agree, I'd go less conservative. Suunto is also very conservative.

I would call ST's and get their advice. I've owned 2 computers both Aeris, and most divers don't have experience with many different manufactures. Many Retail employees do.

A big factor I look for in a computer is user battery replacement. I think both of these computers have user replaceable batteries, but I'm less sure about the Mares.

Another big factor for me is an upload cable, and capabilities. I log all my dives on my computer... forget a *dive Log*! :smiley2: However some of those dern upload cables are $100+!

09-23-2009, 23:51
I understand the difference between Mares and Oceanic algorithms becomes more evident with repetitive dives, and according to some members in other threads on the topic the difference becomes very large.

09-24-2009, 11:30
Nice pic PTAaron. Thanks for the info as well. I'm now leaning towards the Geo, as I don't really want an extremely conservative computer when I can always choose to be more conservative than the computer.