View Full Version : Where to find Oceanic DataTrans wrist mount strap?

09-25-2009, 19:08
I am looking for a wrist mount strap for my 10 year old Oceanic DataTrans computer.

It is currently mounted to an Oceanic retractor on the back by 3 hairpins.

Does anyone make a wrist mount for it ?

Aeris 750GT is the same computer, but Aeris doesn't sell one either.


09-25-2009, 19:28
Call Scuba Toys and ask them if they have one that will fit. If it's made I am sure they can order if they do not have it at the shop.

09-25-2009, 20:14
Thanks. I thought I need a generic Oceanic mount, but the newer ones are different. I'll take a pic and send it to the ST guys.