View Full Version : Yet another ST Thanks Thread

08-29-2007, 10:56
Yeah, ho hum, another ST done well praise.

I ordered a new mask and SeaCure for my Blackbeard's trip, and the UPS didn't quite cooperate. It's supposed to deliver today, but I have to leave around noon to go to the airport to leave for my trip. UPS delivers mid-later afternoon. So I call ST, and ramble on to poor Joe about all this, and he promptly agrees to ask Tom Ford if he'll carry a replacement mask to Freeport so I can have the new one. Tom is more than kind. Joe won't even charge me for the second mask, on "good faith" that I'll mail the other one back when I return (which I sure will do).

Hats off to ST for their ability to listening to a rambling diver. Big thanks to Joe for his patience and trusting, and to Tom for agreeing to hand deliver another mask. That *definitely* is worth a drink or two for Tom during the trip.

08-29-2007, 11:34
It's stories like this that will win ST all my business... I have so little interest in comparison shopping after the way Ive been treated it's almost kinda scary :)

Scubatoys, please please get some marketing stuff we can push on our fellow divers for you guys.