View Full Version : Trashfest

10-06-2009, 11:58
So did anyone make the trashfest in New Braunfuls this past weekend? Win any good door prizes?

10-06-2009, 14:04
Trashfest was a mixed bag this year. It rained very hard at the beginning of the day and on and off for the rest of it ending up in a deluge during the awards ceremony. The city pays a scuba contractor to clean the river now so there was a lot less removed than when I went in the early 90s.
The organizers tried to make it interesting by hiding colored rocks in the water & giving prizes ( usually t-shirts) for those that found them. I took my newly certified daughter & although she enjoyed herself, the poor visablity ( rain & 400+ divers ) and the lack of garbage removed made her wonder what I saw in it 10+ years ago. Overall I think the organizers did a very good job considering the situation. Unfortunatly the MS150 bicycle event was being held at the same time which made traffic a bear. I did get a door prize Mares Mask & T-shirt & my daughter won a dinner for 4 at thge Gristmill and a river rafting trip for 4. of the 8 people in our group we were the only winners. I suspect if the city continues to pay the contractor to keep the river clean then Trashfest will start to decline. Then the dive community will find another place to have a service/social event.