View Full Version : Aeris Atmos LX BCD

10-08-2009, 21:09
After a little over 130 dives, the upper vent control cord guide had pulled away from the body of the BCD, the weight pouches had worn to the point the material had pulled away from the stitches, and the tank belt had worn where the tension hinge meets the belt.

No problem said Aeris. The warranty was right there at the expiration date.

One month later, Scuba Toys called.

(I hadn't bought the BCD from Scuba Toys, but they assured me that was no big deal).

Everything was fixed either to original or better, as was the case with the top dump valve cable guide.

Kudos to both Aeris and Scuba Toys.

Absolutely the only BCD to have if you want to be horiziontal in the water with no effort.

Weight in the 8-10 lb neighborhood in salt with a 3mil full suit and aluminum tank.


PADI Instructor