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10-14-2009, 19:12
Just saw DiveRite Express has the Nitek X on sale for $1,099 with free shipping. The specs look great but I have been unable to find any reviews. I am also looking at the Shearwater and VR3 but the Nitek price tag makes it a contender.

I am finishing my Intro to Tech class Friday and moving on to Advanced Nitrox and need a multi gas computer. I am currently using a Zeagle N2ition 2 but need (want) a little more tech oriented computer.

Anybody have one or used one? Thoughts?

10-16-2009, 13:57
Not sure why you need a multi gas computer for your education plans (Advanced Nitrox...perhaps Decompression Procedures). Your instructor should be insisting that you cut tables and use them. Simply put your computer into gauge mode. You will need a second bottom timer for those courses.
I have the Nitek Duo which is the same computer that you have and I have a Uwatec bottom timer.
If you want a multi gas computer fill your boots but certainly not needed...save your money and spend it on other items for your kit.
Hope this helps.

Scuba Pete
10-16-2009, 14:04
I think Dive Rite is on track. I was looking at getting a vr3 a few months back but it was recommended to me to wait for it until i get into helium mixes. The Duo/IQ-700/n2ition are fine for advanced nitrox and decompression procedures. If you really want more mixes get a trio/n2ition 3. If you must get a tech computer i have heard very good things about the shearwater and liquivision. VR3 are few good as well. But for the money i would wait until you absolutly need it, save your money or purchase more tanks and regs.

10-16-2009, 14:40
I really like my Shearwater Pursuit. IMHO there are two main contenders at this level. The Shearwater and X1. The VR3 is still a good computer but has been surpassed these two.

I think the Nitek X was having issues competing with those two. The easy of use and simplified of the Shearwater are amazing. For your level I would take a good look at the Shearwater. You can get it for right around $1000 for full nitrox. If and when you move into Helium and CCR you can upgrade. The X1 comes full equipped but is about $2000 after you add in software.

FWIW I have never seen a Nitek X on a dive boat. I have seen Shearwaters, X1's, VR3's and others but never a Nitek X. Does that mean anything.

Shearwater has been a great company to deal with. I scrapped the screen on mine and asked about getting a new screen saver. I was prepared to pay for one when they asked for my address and shipped me a polycarbonate screen with screen saver attached at no cost. Excellent service.

As others have said you don't need one to do deco dives. I would talk to you instructor before making any purchase anyway. Myself I like running a computer on all my dives. This has nothing to do with planing your diver I just think it add to the safety factor.

10-16-2009, 15:19
I like my nitek X, I want the download cable to be available though. The 3 gas computer from Nitk will work great for tec, but I am planning on trimix next, so I got a Nitek X on eBay for $500.

10-16-2009, 15:59
I appreciate all of the feedback. I talked with my instructor today and he suggested the Suunto HelO2 as my next computer. I am learning the tables but like having a computer as well. I also like the LARGE screen on the tech computers for my aging eyes.

10-16-2009, 17:30
The best screen by far is the X1. I love my Shearwater but the X1 screen in very easy to read. I can read other divers X1 from several feet away underwater.

Does the instructor dive the HelO2. Interested to hear his opinion on it.

10-16-2009, 19:15
I know a guy who sold his HelO2 after just a few dives. He saw the x1's screen and was swayed to that computer. And I agree with Comet about being able to see the screen from several feet away. I will purchase the x1 for the ease of use and the screen along with the fact it uses the v-planner. Have fun figuring out which computer to get. If possible I would try to get the final 2 contenders and dive them so that you can make an informed decision about which best suits your diving that you have planned in the future.

10-16-2009, 21:47
I got a Shearwater earlier this year.Very happy with it. The X-1 is probably a great computer but was too expensive for me and I dont care for the non user replaceable battery.

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