View Full Version : Sealife DC300 UW Camera

Recovery Guy
08-29-2007, 22:09
I know the DC300 camera is only 3.3 mgpixel, But I owned one for years and loved it LOVED IT....sadly the camera inside my underwater case died :smiley5: if you have an old dc300 laying around your house because you went on to bigger and better cameras...let me buy your old dc300 camera kit K.


e-mail [email protected]

08-29-2007, 22:37
Send your camera to Pioneer Research and see what it'd cost to fix.

sometimes they fix them for free even. their customer service is pretty good.

08-30-2007, 19:44
Can't remember the model but the camera was made by
Vivatar. Might still be listed on thier web site. the firm ware might still be available on the SEa Life web site. When I get a few spare min. I'l look in to it. Might be a while though as the dive seson is still in full swing here aaaand thats what I do

08-31-2007, 21:58
That's sad any idea what killed it?

10-04-2007, 12:10
I have an old one but the bottom button is missing on the camera.