View Full Version : East Coast Tassie - 2 Nov 2009

Tassie Diver
10-27-2009, 19:38
Okay, heading out to share the sea caves at Isle de Phoque with the seals in the morning, then dive the wreck of the Troy D for the afternoon.

So head on down, and come on along :smiley36:

Should be a very pleasant day out.

More info: Home - Island Ocean Charters (http://www.islandoceancharters.com.au/)

10-27-2009, 19:58
I'd love to do them again. Michael runs a fine trip and the Troy D must be getting some decent growth on it by now.

Unfortunately, I'm away on North Stradbroke Island this weekend. The mantas are back and there's rumours of a 5m+ white-pointer roaming the area, so I'd better pack the camera just in case.

10-27-2009, 20:25
Clicked in before I realized I was in a regional forum. Oz is the only place on this blue marble I feel I have missed.

So the link does not make me feel very well.

Two of my cousins' kids as well as the children of several friends have done under grad work in Brisbane. My daughter hopes to do the same. I will count on you guys to mentor her. Oh wait...! You are Aussies. Never mind. LOL

Edit: I got my ass kicked by an Aussie once. Rugby player named Superman. We had fun after he rubbed my face in the turf. No offense with the daughter comment, ok? :)

(no, they don't know where I live.)