View Full Version : Need dive buddy at cssp Sun.

10-31-2009, 08:43
I've got new equipment I need to try out was planning on going to clear springs Sun. My dive buddy has got bad sinus infection and can't go. Was wondering if anyone would like to buddy up with new diver with new equipment. Terry

10-31-2009, 14:36
I think I can swing it, send me a pm with the details

10-31-2009, 15:44
PM sent

10-31-2009, 16:06
seems like the pm's aren't working

try sending me an email

11-01-2009, 15:38
Thanks for the dives to day Terry!

It was a fantastic day

11-01-2009, 19:09
Thank you Rick for helping out, it was a great day and good to meet you. You help to expand my dive knowledge today. The only problem is I'll be spending a lot more money after seeing some of your gear. Maybe Scubatoys will give you a commisson. I'm ready to go again just let me know when