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11-06-2009, 20:01
I am looking at taking a trip to the GBR and looking for some reviews on live aboards. I have been looking around the the net but also looking for personal reviews. I have been looking at Great Barrier Reef - Reeftrip.com (http://www.reeftrip.com) mainly as they are one of the only ones I have found that do a 2 day/1night trip.

Thanks in advance


11-10-2009, 11:18
Hi Gavin
There is a big difference in where you dive the Reef, usually the further out the better, unluckily the good ones take more than 1 night but are worth it to avoid disappointment. Try 3 Nights - Fly Dive Cod Hole | Dive Cod Hole Great Barrier Reef (http://www.mikeball.com/3-nights-fly-dive-cod-hole)

Tassie Diver
11-11-2009, 17:33
For local opinion, try an enquiry on www.diveoz.com.au - The Biggest Site for Australian Scuba Diving Info (http://www.diveoz.com.au)

The forum there is probably the biggest in Oz and you should get more response.

11-12-2009, 04:32
a second for diveoz

you will find lots of divers who have used the live aboareds your looking at , and who will be able to offer advice and recommendations

11-12-2009, 22:05
Cairns dive centre and Deep Sea Divers Den also both do 2d/1n trips. I've stayed on all 3 and think Divers Den's new liveaboard is by far the best. What sites you get to are all weather dependent and either of the 3 companies on their day could be at the best site. Fly/dive codhole is not worth the $$ unless you do the coral sea trip...even then I would look at the operators that dive their way back to Cairns rather than get on an overloaded 35 year old Cessna IMHO