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11-10-2009, 18:41
Is anyone able to send me a link to download the driver needed for my wisdom 1
I have wisdom 1 computer and I just purchased the cable and sw version 1.0.0
I own a mac book pro that has parallels on it which allows me to have windows XP on my mac comp. So I have dl'ed the software and got an error message that read USB interface NOT FOUND, reading the problems on another board I assumed I might need the latest version, and that is where my problems exist.
I live 20 miles from the closest town and am on satellite internet, I can open the first page of sherwood scuba on my Mac side with no problem at all and get to the download page. Even dl'ed it to the mac side without thinking. (I know it isn't compatible) but when I go to my windows side and go to the sherwood site I don't get the whole page downloaded and am unable to get to the download page to get to the link. and this is what I am hoping someone can help me with.
Does anyone think that the error I had is due to a faulty cable?

12-21-2009, 20:14
Hello, the drivers you need are on the software disk. While your computer may be able to run in the Windows XP mode, drivers that are designed to Drive a PC won't drive a MAC. A driver for a computer is just like a Driver for a car. In your case, the Driver you have doesn't know how to drive your car. I don't know of any scuba computer manufacturer who makes Mac software and drivers.

12-21-2009, 20:31

You might want to check that you have set up your Parallels correctly. Windows emulators on the Mac require you to set up the hardware. By default, the Windows XP will NOT have any USB ports. I'm not familiar with Parallels but there should be an area where you can 'add' a USB port to the Windows XP image. Once you do that you should be able to install the software on the Windows XP and get it working.

Additionally, if you check the help for Parallels, there should be a way to get the files from the Mac side onto the Windows XP image. I use Vmware Fusion. With it I can actually drag the file from a Finder window into the Windows XP window.

01-08-2010, 15:32
I'd recommend getting the 2.x software. It is much better and has much more functionality. You can download it from the sherwood scuba web site.


While it will say "wisdom2" it should work fine with your wisdom 1.

--- bill