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SEMO Scuba
11-20-2009, 22:10
Cozumel Trip Report 11/20/09

My wife & I flew America Airlines St Louis to Dallas, then Dallas to Cozumel on Saturday 11/14. I have never seen the airports as empty as this trip. The low passenger count made it very easy to check in and get through security. Our plane was the only one at the gate when we arrived in Coz so getting through customs was quick too.

We are staying at Hotel Cozumel, all inclusive, as we did in June. I have been very satisfied with our room and the hotel in general. The staff is friendly and helpful. I requested ocean view and we have a nice room on the third floor. The cost is $20 more per night and we didn't’t know that until we checked it, not a problem, but things like that are nice to know in advance. Some threads that I have read commented on the food quality as being below par, but I have been well satisfied with both the food quality and variety.

I booked my dives with Dive Paradise. My dive package includes a two tank morning and one tank afternoon boat dives daily. Since I do not have a dive buddy on this trip I chose the slower bigger boats. The most divers on any boat has been 14 split into two groups with two dive masters and most days we only had ten to twelve divers and two dive masters. The dive shop staff, boat crew, and dive crew were always polite, and helpful for those that needed it. During our surface interval for the morning trips they always provided fruit, breads, and beverages. The six boats I was on were in good operating condition, clean, and all carried oxygen and first aid supplies. I booked one night dive, wish I had done more, and did get the opportunity to dive from a smaller faster boat. It got us to the dive site much quicker but I would opt for the big boats for the two tank trips. The little boats have no shade and not much room for the surface interval.

The diving seemed better than in June, but that is probably due to me knowing more of what to expect. The only other ocean diving that I have done has been two trips to Bonaire last year, and my June trip here. The viz has been very good considering Ida just passed through a week ago. There does not appear to have been any storm damage. I got to do 16 boat dives at 12 different dive sites so the variety was nice. My favorite dive of the week was Columbia Shallow. The marine life there is exceptional. They let us dive a full hour there and I would have gladly stayed another hour or two. During the week of diving I saw many turtles, nurse shark, moray eels, lobster, crab, lots of fish, and really beautiful coral. I met three nice and very good divers and dove with them all week.

I fly back home tomorrow but it has been a great week with lots of good memories, one of them being my 100th dive!

11-21-2009, 06:03

Congrats on the 100th dive!!!! Great report....I bet it is hard to believe the week is already over. I think it is suppose to be an okay weekend (weather wise) in the St. Louis area, then cold next week for Turkey Day. Did you can any of the sunshine and bring it back with you. Welcome home and we need to get together sometime.


SEMO Scuba
11-22-2009, 01:09
Well we got home about 12:30 and unpacked the clothes. I'll unpack the scuba gear and soak it for a few hours tomorrow. I did bring some decent weather back to southeast MO. 10 Day Weather Forecast for Cape Girardeau, MO (63701) - weather.com (http://www.weather.com/outlook/travel/businesstraveler/tenday/63701?locid=63701)

Snagle we ought to get together and dive somewhere. I'll have a drysuit about Wednesday next week. It's a used DUI. I'll probably try it out at Mermet next weekend.

11-22-2009, 07:36
I love Mermet and oddly enough I haven't made it down there at all this year - been so busy with my teenager and sports (Basketball, Baseball, Football, and now Basketball is starting up again). The Holidays are upon us now and I seem to get committed for charity functions every weekend until Christmas (I really have to stop some of these things I'm involved in - it's cutting into my diving).

Let's put something together maybe after the holidays. I'd love to hit Mermet sometime and also want to do a dive at Bennett Springs sometime depending on the flow.


SEMO Scuba
11-22-2009, 13:39
Sure thing. Just let me know when & where!

11-27-2009, 15:01
Semo glad you had a good time my wife and are leaving in December for a week's worth of diving. I can not wait it's been a year and a half since we've been to COZ. Did the big Island of Hawaii in June and the land stuff was great but the diving sucked.

Southern swells came in and lowered the vis, the surfers were loving it, best surfing in 15 years they said.

How were the crowds on the Island or was there any one there at all?

SEMO Scuba
11-27-2009, 16:33
There were more people at Coz in November than there were in June, but it still was not crowded at all. There were more divers and dive boats out every day but most of the boats were not full.

Some days there were 5 or 6 cruise ships in port. We did not go to town until Friday afternoon and there were only two ships in port so there weren't that many people downtown.

It may be a bit more busy in December but I wouldn't worry about it being crowded.

11-27-2009, 17:09
counting the days until my end-of march trip!!your report makes the wait even more difficult but thanx anyway