View Full Version : I don't get that this is a big deal....

11-22-2009, 20:14
if your nervous about night diving, go in during daylight 6pm ish depending where you are, planning to exit in the dark. Easy ..... Before you realize it, you've done a night dive.:smiley20:

Having said that, caves/caverns/docks/boats/bumbling no bouyancy controlled divers.....any overhead is a HUGE deal for me :smiley11: just sayin....it's all relevant:smiley2:

11-23-2009, 00:15
That method is great for those that have never done a night dive or nervous about one. I used this method for my first night dive, mainly because time was an issue, but you hardly notice that it's getting darker.

11-23-2009, 13:56
That is how we did our first night dive too... Was a nice way to get into it.

11-23-2009, 19:51
That is a Really good way to do your "first" but I really enjoyed doing a "Dawn" dive.

We got in about 30 minutes before sunrise, and got out about 30 minutes after sunrise. It is a Whole new world you can watch the reef wake up with the sun it is really cool!

Jack Hammer
11-23-2009, 20:42
+1 for the Dawn dive. There is a very nice change of scenery - IMO you get some of the best of a day or a night dive. As far as the best way to getting into night diving, I think the persons personality and what/where is available to dive are going to be bigger factors than the time you start/finish.

11-24-2009, 03:31
I love also diving at dawn. It is amazing as you get to see and hear the whole place waking up, like if it was some kind of shift change.

Diving at dawn along with diving in the coral spawning season is one of the best experiences in dive I had.

Bill A
05-28-2010, 13:54
Getting wet just before dusk is the norm for training at least around here, in fact doing a daylight dive prior to the night dive so beginners can be oriented is also a good thing. As for the pre dawn dive, my fav