View Full Version : Tusa RS-130 v Oceanic Alpha 8 PX3

09-01-2007, 10:12

This is my first post here so I hope it really isn't a stupid question. From the title you may know that I am looking for some low cost reg. I only do warm water dive and do not have plan to dive any deeper than rec. limit, I guess either of the above reg. should do the job.

The LSD here in Hong Kong carry both of the above reg., however, both of them are not recommended. For everytime the LSD would only recommend scubapro, MK17 or MK25. I know these are good reg., but I don't think I'll pay for the extra to buy something that I may not need.

So, are the RS-130 and Alpha 8 PX3 similar in terms of performance, durability and reliability? Any input is higly appreicated.

By the way, both of reg. are notrix compatible up to 40%, right?


09-01-2007, 14:49
Well, I personally dont know much about either of those regs but I just ordered a Tusa RS-130 because of all of the positive comments from this forum and from the guys at ST. From what I've read,... is that the RS-130 is a great Reg at a great price. There is several threads talking about the RS-130 on here,..........

ScubaToys Larry
09-01-2007, 14:52
You can use any reg with nitrox up to 40%...

The alpha 8 is not adjustable - so a lot would depend if you like that feature (which I do) so I'd lean toward the tusa in that battle... also cheaper.

09-01-2007, 20:49
thanks Larry and Shaggy :smiley20: