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11-24-2009, 21:13
We've been doing several shore dives recently out of Menominee, MI. Not much to say about scenary since shore diving here is very limited with the sights. You know, hey look a rock. Ok, we dove several old piers but that is pretty much wood and rocks.

However, on Saturday the visibility was 30+ feet which changed from 6 feet two weeks ago. Temperature on both weekends was 40 or 41 depending upon which gauge you think is correct.

This last weekend there was absolutely no silt in the water even with the recent storms. Normally this time of year we have 5 foot vis and last year it was limited to 2 feet.

Yesterday I went to the garage and hugged my boat. I don't care what anyone says about spring. I'm figuring the ice is going to break in February and we'll have our boats in March 1st.


Lake Michijim
11-24-2009, 22:34
Last weekend was pretty nice. I was up in Door County diving Porcupine Bay and the Fleetwing. There were many clouds of tiny minnows about the size of flea's. The Bass at Porcupine were abundant and friendly. I got some nice video of them. That will look good in a project I'm working on.
The ice is coming too soon. I'll be up in Fish creek December 6th with the Deep Six to join the Neptune Nimrods on their Pearl Harbor day dive.