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Evan the Blue
11-28-2009, 14:36
Hello all,
I found your forum while killen' some time at work and day dreaming about diving. I am a young 30ish guy from Vancouver Canada:canada: who is looking to find some dive buddies in around my area, some general info and people who want to talk diving. I have my PADI DM cert and am planning on doing the IDC in the next few years. I started diving in Cozumel Mexico when I was 15 back when it was nice (before getting all messed up by the hurricane). I have also been diving in Hawaii, and I lived in SE Asia for a year where I have loged most of my dives. I am really intersested in doing some extream cold water diving such as McMurdo station in Antartica and/or Alaska.
I want to dive right now .... :anim_uzi:<work>
oh well ... I guess it pays for my adventures :)

Hope to see some of you wet:smiley20:

11-28-2009, 18:29
Welcome to the forum Evan from another BC'er! :smiley20:
Glad to have you here, the forum is great!

11-29-2009, 07:51
Hi and welcome from a former BC diver, I still dive but in Caribbean now. Sometimes I miss the cold water diving and the underwater life you don't see here