View Full Version : Well one second I was a little upset, then they blew me away.

12-10-2009, 19:00
So, a few weeks ago my new wife ordered the Aeris Atmos Sport BC package.

She ordered the small.... Yet when she got it she needed the Xtra small. So I thought, "Ah, crap, here comes the BS" and was ready to be upset. She called and ST said send it back and we will send the new one when we get it. Blew me away.

Then for some reason the BC did not arrive and we had a dive planned for the weekend, but we knew it was received since we had the tracked it... So here I go again getting ready to be upset... She called and they said, "Ops, sorry about that, we screwed up....we will overnight it to you." Sure enough we got it that Friday.

Then I ordered a Dive Right O2 clean deco reg. Then they called and said it was out of stock... Upset again. Then they said they would offer me a better one for the same price....Blew me away.

Then when I get the UPS order number, I see it shows a different reg which was not O2 clean.... Upset again. So I call and then I am told that it was a mistake and the correct reg is on the way.

Well, it is supposed to be here tomorrow... But I am betting it is the right reg.

Still a little upset at things like forgetting to send the BC at first, showing things in stock that are out of stock, invoices that are not correct.... But blown away at the extent they go out of the way to fix the issues.

Prices are good and as long as they continue to have good prices and this level of service (OK, this level of fixing the mistakes) I will continue to order from them....

Funny thing is that I used to drive by the shop all the time when I lived in TX.... But I didn't really dive when I was in TX so I never stopped in. And now that I live on the beach in FL I am buying from them......

12-11-2009, 22:50
I've placed around 10 orders with ST and had one error which happened to be on the very first order I placed (a complete set up which unfortunately included a defective computer). They took care of it right away.
Sure I would rather something be done correctly from the get go... but if there is a mistake getting it taken care of promptly takes away quite a bit of the ill feelings which build up.
Enjoy your nice Florida weather. It's around 18 degrees here in Tennessee. Brrrrrrrrr.....

12-12-2009, 07:06
I've made many purchases from ScubaToys and only once had an issue....ordered a shorty and they were out of stock. Got a call from them and they said they didn't have it, but would substitute a higher priced one for the same price. I made the comment that I was leaving for Mexico in the next couple days and they rushed it to me the next day.

I guess you could view a lot of this as "covering up mistakes". It doesn't make any difference to me, because they at least care to make whatever the problem is right. I'm trying to avoid my consumer rant here, but the fact is way too many businesses have forgot that the customer is the customer. I'm absolutely sick of businesses not caring about the customer needs and the quality of products. There pretty much is this attitude of take it or leave it. We as customers have to work way too hard to spend our money and in return often get crap and attitude in return. When we gripe we get the sad story of how hard it is to be in business.

I have to admit being in business especially in todays market is tough. You don't want to carry too much inventory. You are competing with a global market. ScubaToys, in my opinion, has done it right. They carry a wide variety of products, but their key to success is focused on customer satisfaction. It's the only thing that differs them from the next guy. I could go into business right now and sell the same gear as ScubaToys and the only thing that would be different is a little pricing issues and how I treat my customers.

I am 100% pleased with each and every transaction I have ever made with ScubaToys. I cannot make that statement about any other business I have ever purchased from. (I'm not just saying this because I'm on a ScubaToys forum - I truely believe this). Do they make mistakes - yes. Do they make every attempt to make sure you are happy even when they make mistakes - absolutely.

Okay I failed at staying away from my rant, but you really did get the short version.