View Full Version : Diving "quickie" -- Where to go for long weekend and escape cold?

12-12-2009, 13:49
Hi Folks -

I just moved back to the US after 7 years away. I learned to dive overseas, and have not yet dived in the US, Caribbean, or Central America.

I live in DC and am looking for a place to escape to over a long weekend (like 4 days) -- so I can get some diving in over the winter.

This is the kind of spot I'm looking for:

1/ Good diving (of course)
2/ No more than 4 or so hours flight time and transfers
3/ Reasonably priced
4/ Relatively warm

Anyone have tips on good locations, hotels, dive centres etc?


boat iiii
12-12-2009, 14:30
Head for the Florida Keys.