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12-14-2009, 10:45
Hello All,
have been reading the posts and lot of good info. MY son is signing up for Navy today and is going to try for the SEAL program. We live by a river and he plans on doing his cold-water swimming there. For the really cold days - Does anybody have a suggestion for wetsuit? should he use one like to SEALS use and if os what brand, etcc is it? Would a regular 3m-5mm neoprene work? I really like the workouts that are posted and I am sure they will be a good help? Thanks--

12-14-2009, 17:45
As far as it the type of wetsuit the SEAL’s use they are basically the same as a civilian version… a few changes here and there, but I would just get a good one for recreational dives… if he is doing cold water diving, it depends on just how cold the water is if he wants to stick with a wetsuit or go with a dry suit (or semi-dry) (SEAL’s have both). A lot of the gear the Navy uses is from Scubapro and Aquaflite … but like I said, if you get a good quality one it will work for years… (Aquaflite does have a lifetime warranty on seams and zippers and will even re-tailor the suit if his body changes).

12-15-2009, 02:04
Cold water swimming I use a 5mil Pinnacle wet suit with merino lining. Works 4 me.

12-20-2009, 23:42
Off topic of your question, because I can't help you with that :(....
Please keep us updated on how his becoming a SEAL is going!