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12-14-2009, 16:02
Hi folks,

I bought one of these oceanic max gauge/swiv consoles this weekend. My local dive shop had them on used inventory for 80 bucks, which isn't bad for a gauge/depth/compass setup.

Oceanic Max Depth Analog Gauge reviews and discounts, Oceanic (http://www.scubatoys.com/store/detail.asp?PRODUCT_ID=OceanicMaxDepth)

I got it home and began to take it apart so I could swap out the depth puck for my oceanic computer puck. I ended up scrapping the plan and putting the depth puck back in. What I found was that this console is a PIA to get the depth puck out of without some cursing and a screw driver. First of all, the console body is not flexible rubber but solid plastic, so any 'bending backwards' you do with other consoles don't really work here. I decided I didn't want to put my computer in there knowing eventually I'de have to take it out to change out my battery.

My question, has anyone else had one of these and found a secret to insert/remove computers easily.

thanks for any advice, happy times,


12-14-2009, 17:18
no secrets... disassemble, then reassemble...

once you've done it a time or two, it really becomes quite easy