View Full Version : A great day at Storm!

Lone Wolf
12-27-2009, 20:27
We went up tp Storm today, and it was a beautiful day for Storm. When we arrived at The Stained Glass for breakfast, it was 24 degrees. With a light breeze. By the time we got to the lake it had warmed up to 26, and the sun was out. The parking lot was covered with about 6 to 8" of snow. We had to use 4-wheel drive to get in. I did 4 dives, Corrine and Katy were ground support. Water temps were 59 degrees from 1' to 124'. Vis was 8' to 10'. I had some great dives, and had a chance to practise skills

12-27-2009, 20:37
Hey, going home (WV) around spring break so my sister will be free. Looking at maybe diving Storm. Or will it be too hot? I'll give you guys a holler, closer to the date. Until then, Enjoy!:smiley20:

12-28-2009, 09:08
warmed up to 26? really? lol- no thank you! see you in the spring!!

Lone Wolf
12-28-2009, 18:28
For winter at Storm 26 is balmy. Really, if you prepare it is fun!!

12-29-2009, 21:44
did you take your portable hot tub??? I'll wait til the temp gets up to ...oh... about 70!!