View Full Version : atom 2 or the Zeagle N2ition Nitrox Computer

01-04-2010, 19:15
Which would you go with the atom 2 by oceanic or the
Zeagle N2ition Nitrox Computer. I am going with a ranger bc and the flathead 7. I figured I would look at the zeagle computers to keep try and keep all the important stuff from the same manufacturer. Is the zeagle as air integrated computer? Nitrox is in the future properly some this summer before we head on a cruise. SO any nitrox computer would be a plus.

01-07-2010, 00:56
Hi Bigman,
Two different types of computer:
Zeagle is 'Puck' sized and not Air Intergrated
Oceanic is watch sized and Air Intergrated

Both will basically do the same job if you don't use the Atom 2 in gauge mode, except the Atom 2 allows for up to 3 gas switches, instead of 2, mainly only useful for deco diving where you use a higher o2 mix to speed up the process. You may also want to consider Oceanic VT3 Dive Computer reviews and discounts, Oceanic (http://www.scubatoys.com/store/detail.asp?product_id=VT3) a bigger version of the Atom. The answer to AI or not can be found in other threads:smilie40: