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09-02-2007, 22:40
Ok guys, haven't been on a bicycle in years, but seriously, this mountain bike business looks like fun and a good workout... I've recently discovered several locations to ride; just don't know much about it......

I've read on several threads here that a lot of people that are into diving are into biking, so I thought I would pose the question:

What am I looking for? I'm a big guy, and don't want to buy anything that is going to fall apart after a month.

*I'm 6'6'', 260lbs
*Just looking for light to moderate off-road/ trails around the lake
*30-40% would be on a paved road
*Budget of 300-400$ (?)
*something that would let me know if this is for me or not......
*Currently looking at Trek 3700
*have yet to go to LBS and talk to anyone...
*I like to have pretty good knowledge going into a hobby

Any tips, hints, gotcha's, what to look for's are greatly appreciated!!

09-03-2007, 13:51
I got a Trek Hybrid, several years ago that I paid for in the price range you are talking about. I'm not into Mountain Biking, but it is great for the riding the bike trails around here. I did use it for several triathlons and was disappointed there. I got out of the swim ahead of people and then I was paced by everyone on their road bikes. Which left me all by myself for the run and that became a leisurely nature walk because I need the competition to spur me on to do my best.

09-03-2007, 13:56
Always been a roadie, but have owned Treks and never had an issue with quality. I would say from my experience with Trek bikes that if the 3700 is in your $$ range it should serve you well. Go ahead and get clipless pedals while you're at it. It's the only way to ride!!!

09-03-2007, 15:57
I'm a Gary Fisher fan myself. Been riding a Sugar 2+ Disc since 2002. Great bike and also sold by Trek along with their own brand. When my wife and I first got into mt. biking, we bought low end, $500.00 bikes, Giiant Warp 3 DS's. We didn't do much research, only knew that we didn't want to go broke getting into the sport. What we found was that they were nearly impossible to pedal uphill. Seems the DS stood for downhill slalom. That's when I dropped what I considered to be a mint on my Sugar. I bought it right before the 2003s were introduced and was able to get it for $800.00 off of list.

If you're going to just cruise some dirt trails around a lake that don't involve climbing, rocks, tree roots, or anything remotely technical I'm sure just about any bike will work for you. If you're going to get into mt. biking, you're going to drop some cash though. At 260lbs, most mt. bikes just are not built for your weight. You're going to need a heavy duty front end at a minimum and most likely, heavy duty cranks and hubs. This adds up to bucks if you want decent quality.

I'd check with a few LBSs and see what they recommend. A $300-400 bike may be all you need to trail ride, but if you're going to mt. bike, plan on $1200 minimum, and most likely around 2 grand for a decent bike.