View Full Version : Zeagle and Pinnacle

01-08-2010, 18:50
Just for the record, I loved my Pinnacle suits before Zeagle acquired them.

I've been very unhappy with the Henderson boots I've had in the past not even 2 years (2 different pairs). After the first pair (Gold Core) began to seriously fall apart after one trip to Bonaire, Henderson replaced them with a pair of Instadry boots. Unfortunately another trip to Bonaire and not only were the soles already separating from the neoprene, but holes were developing under the zipper....the exact same problems I had with the first pair. To make it even worse, this is exactly the same experience my husband had at the same time with his Henderson boots. <sigh>

Since I have no confidence in Henderson, I started looking elsewhere and honestly the first place I looked to was Pinnacle. Not only am I impressed with the quality of Pinnacle products, but I admit that knowing that they now have Zeagle customer service behind them was enough to have me buying...and my husband is buying a pair as well.

We have another trip to Bonaire planned this summer....we should know by August how they hold up.