View Full Version : problems posting in Asia subform

01-16-2010, 00:31
I tried to post a trip report in the Asia subforum and received two 'error' messages. The first one stated that something was invalid. Sorry, I don't remember the details. When I tried posting again, the message stated I had just posted a duplicate thread, but when I clicked on New Posts and the Asia subforum, I saw nothing. Please advise. Thanks!

ScubaToys Larry
01-16-2010, 07:57
Ok, your post is there now.

It's just that you are new here, and there is an automatic spam filter that is looking for specific words, links, phrases, etc, and if it finds too many of those, it pulls your post to the side for me to look at and make sure it's not spam. If it ever happens again... don't worry, one of the moderators or I will look at it within a half a day at most, then validate the post.

Thanks for the report!!

01-16-2010, 12:54
OK, I see it there now. Thanks for the info, Larry! :)