View Full Version : Best course for finning and buoyancy?

01-18-2010, 15:57
What course would you recommend for learning finning techniques and more advanced buoyancy control? GUE fundies seems a little advanced if you don't already have a good handle on those skills, is there something less intense where you can get introduced to them and get some initial good practice with them so that you can then start practicing them on your own?

01-18-2010, 20:14
GUE's Fundies class or Intro to Tech from some of the other agencies can give you a solid introduction to these techniques. Outside of those, however, is there is no nationwide class offered by the usual agencies that teaches these. There may be workshops offered by people in your area (where is that? "United States" in your profile is not specific at all, so it's hard to tailor advice to you... you may want to fill in the city, or at least the state), however, where you can get an introduction to them.

If there are no instructors in your area that are offering workshops or even private intro classes, your best bet will be to try to find experienced mentors who can show you the ropes.

If Fundies is your goal, however, be careful to choose someone who can deliver correct techniques, otherwise you'll learn wrong and have to do a lot of work to unlearn the bad info before you can learn GUE's preferred methods.

01-18-2010, 21:17
Fundies or Intro to Tech but be careful some Intro to Tech instructor want you in doubles some will accept a single tank with H valve. Understand the intro course is really geared towards moving into tech and doubles.

Unfortunately while PADI is great at turning out divers they lack in a good class for what you are looking for. Maybe with the right instructor their Peak Buoyancy class might do. Make sure you talk to the instructor and understand what he/she will teach and what is expected before hand.

01-19-2010, 07:42
try a cavern class

01-19-2010, 14:56
Thanks. I'm in CT. I will probably try to do the advanced buoyancy classes at scuba shack, a store which seems to have a GUE focus. I was hoping to do something sooner as I think their next class is later in the spring, but I guess there's no big hurry. Then depending on how that goes, maybe GUE fundamentals later in the summer or fall although I may hold off on that until I have doubles so that I can get practice with that if I decide to move in that direction.