View Full Version : 3m or 5m wetsuit

09-03-2007, 12:20
I am diving in Crete and I like to use the 3m but my instructor says no less than 5m. The water is warm here so what do I do? I started to wear my 3m but then I had to put on their 5m? As a student in the class should I just go with it?

WV Diver
09-03-2007, 12:30
Warmth is realtive to each individual. What are the water Temps, how long will your dives be, how many dives will you do in a day? These are all factors in determining what thickness is right for you.

I seem to tolerate cold a little better than alot of people and get along fine with a 3mm while others are still cold with a 5mm.

I tend to use a 3mm down to around 71F for dives of a hour or longer but if I am doing 2 or three dives in a day I would prefer temps of 73F or above for my 3mm suit. I don't do heavier wetsuits, sometimes I will add a 3mm hooded vest or I will just go dry after temps drop below 71F.