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ionic diver
01-25-2010, 12:59
Hi, my wife and I are going to Bonaire in April and if anyone can give some advice or tips for places to go, see, or do lemme know...

01-25-2010, 13:13
Richard's is great for a steak (between the Divi and the Plaza). Slagbaai is great the day before you leave, as you will be off-gassing. Sorobon is also nice depending on your tastes (e.g., wind-surfing).

Hi, my wife and I are going to Bonaire in April and if anyone can give some advice or tips for places to go, see, or do lemme know...

01-25-2010, 14:16
You'll have a truck and be shore diving I assume? Angel City is really nice. Oil Slick is nice. Alice in Wonderland is similar to Angel City, not as nice but deeper and kind of a cool double reef. Candyland (unmarked just north of the oil depot, ask for directions) is really great. I also like 18th Palm but not everyone liked it as much. I hear invisibles is good, we didn't do that. Cliff was also cool if you do it as a little longer one because there are several sites stacked up... you can float by Capt Don's highway and buddy's. There's a small boat down there and it was a nice dive. Depending on where you're staying you could also do it as a drift from either the north side of the resorts to middle ones or the middle to the north ones. We went to a Peruvian restaurant, can't remember the name. It was good but reeeeeaally slow.

01-25-2010, 15:17
Karpata is always one of the better dives. Get a DM to get permission and dive the Salt Pier at night. One of the best dives.

01-25-2010, 15:48
when i was just down there, they said salt pier has been really hard to get permission for lately, but i'd do it if you could

01-25-2010, 15:48
also red slave if the current isn't bad

01-25-2010, 16:59
Where are you staying and what is your plan? Boat diving? Shore diving?

Karpata is my favorite shore dive but entry and exit can be challenging even in fairly calm seas due to a very rocky shore.

01-25-2010, 17:04
Captain Don's on Klein is a nice boat dive

01-25-2010, 17:07
heh, there are so many that are good.

01-26-2010, 05:15
There are a couple of posts on Bonaire that have great information. Just remember you will be on "island time". Things are slower, especially while eating out. Expect this and understand this....if you are inpatient it will drive you nuts.

Keep extra tanks in your truck (assuming you will have a truck). Many tanks have bad o-rings and nothing like driving to a dive site and finding a bad tank. Carrying a couple extra tanks saved us many times.

Check out Red Slave in the morning. Afternoons the water gets pretty chopping and difficult entry's. This is where the Eagle Rays hang out in the sand....awesome.

If you're into shopping or want to spend a day shopping find out when the cruise ships are in port....many street vendors set up for this. It use to be Wednesdays, but this changed on our last trip. Boniare is not like Mexico where you can "negotiate" pricing. I wouldn't say things are expensive, but you're not going to get "deals" like in Mexico.

Have fun and relax. It's a small island with "laid back" attitudes.


01-26-2010, 09:03
cruise ships were coming and going the whole time we were there.