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01-25-2010, 22:28
:smiley5:Is there a formula for determining the proper length bands for a spear gun ? I have about 28" from the center of the elongated slot for the rubbers and the center notch on the shaft for the wishbone. I'll be using 9/16 rubber. I don't want to use up the rubber with a lot of trial and error. The old bands on the gun are a mismatch and badly deteriorated from Sun. Hard to tell which,if any, was the proper length.

02-10-2010, 09:06
Here are sites that I used for estimating and making my bands.

MAKO Spearguns - Instructional Info (http://www.makospearguns.com/instructional_info.php)

how to size tie in bands - Spearboard Spearfishing Community (http://spearboard.com/showthread.php?p=964559#post964559)

From Bill McIntyre:

1. Measure the distance from the middle of the
band slot to the center cocking tab.

2. Double the distance ( for both sides of the gun )

3. Subtract the length of the wish bone. (Alexander and Riffe's are
approx 6", Daryl Wong uses about 3".)

4. Divide the number by 3 1/2.

5. This is the length of your powerband if you are using a standard 3 1/2
: 1 stretch ratio. This is a measurement of the powerband from knot to
knot. For actual rubber length, add 1" to this length or 1 1/2" if you
are tapering the ends of the powerbands.