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01-27-2010, 23:24
My bio:

My name is Ericson Reduta hailing from Northern California, San Jose to be exact. I'm an avid California diver. I got OW certified at the YMCA in 2001, Silver AOW in 2002, TDI Nitrox in 2003, PADI Rescue in 2005, YMCA Scuba Assistant in 2006, and now started my NAUI Divemaster in 2009. When diving, I'm usually shooting photos and sightseeing. You can check out my photos at Ericson Reduta (scubajunkee)'s Photos- powered by SmugMug (http://photos.ericsonreduta.com)

I have about 350 dives mostly in California ranging from Monterey, Carmel, North Coast: Sonoma & Mendocino dive sites, in Southern California I've dove La Jolla Shores, the Yukon, Channel Islands: Catalina & Santa Cruz. I also dove in Seattle,WA. For tropical destinations I dove in Oahu & Kauai, Nassau, Cabo Pulmo & Las Vegas...yes Vegas. These days I dive once or twice a month with my dive club called The North Coast Divers.

Glad to be here!

01-28-2010, 09:48